"We cannot praise Tim and Tracy of Benedict Farm enough. We have two boisterous, sometimes badly behaved, boxers who had never been in kennels and we were nervous of leaving them. On our first visit Tracy took the time to get to know them and... View All Testimonials >>

Benedict Farm Boarding Kennel News For Kent and Sussex

Any general news about the Boarding Kennels and Farm we feel you may be interested in will be posted here. Whenever we improve and expand our services we make sure you are kept up to date.

Vaccination Information

Please remember our Terms and Conditions state that if you choose to vaccinate your dog for kennel cough it must be administered a minimum of 14 days prior to arrival. If there are not at least 14 clear days your dog will be unable to stay and you will need to make other... READ MORE >>

New update for Website

Scout has puppiesNew update for WebsiteHi everyone, so so sorry for the delay in updating the Benedict Farm Boarding Kennel website. And also the important Shollamy Labrador news. Life has been very hectic in the past year and we do not know where the time goes.Benedict Farm Boarding... READ MORE >>

Fun in the woods with the Shollamy gang

Lexi and Laeto, Mother and son!As it was such a beautiful day here at Benedict Farm I decided to go out with my labradors plus three extra's who are staying with me. Plus one spotty dog and one Jack russell....we had great fun as you can see.....We are so lucky to live in the area we do, the... READ MORE >>

Benedict Farm Boarding Kennels... News for 2015

Labradors Galore!!Another year has gone and we are now coming up to our 9th year, last year just did not stop. We are very lucky to have so many returning customers and its lovely to meet new ones. Here at the kennels we have seen some changes in Staff, We sadly said goodbye... READ MORE >>

Happy New Year!

A typical Shollamy pup!2013 was the busiest yet for Benedict Farm Boarding kennels, we had a very full kennels all year. We are still covering Kent and Sussex area's but we still have dogs from as far as Liverpool, France and Germany, being close to Gatwick its very handy to drop your dog... READ MORE >>

August already!

Annie and Rooi..... our fox red girls.As usual apologies for the lack of updates! Its been a very busy year in the kennels, and a busy summer ahead. The weather being so nice is very helpful. Lots of dogs visiting, and lots more dogs!! Very sorry to those who I have had to say no too, have to book early for... READ MORE >>

March madness at the kennels

Well its dried up a little, we have not had any snow, the sun does begin to peep through, so its about time we did some more photographs of the dogs who have stayed with us throughout March.We wish everyone a Happy Easter and look out for pics of your dogs if they have... READ MORE >>

The Kennel Cough Vaccine

As from January 2013 we have made it our policy to only accept dogs who have been vaccinated against kennel cough as well as having had their yearly Boosters.The vaccine is very much like our Flu jab, it doesn't cover for all the different strains, and it... READ MORE >>

February update!

Just a little update for the rest of January and February so far.We have been busy, should be a quiet time, but no.....lots of lovely dogs (and owners too) coming to visit us and dogs in to stay. I have shown so many new clients around, coming from far and wide. We cover... READ MORE >>

Kennel news Jan 2013

Its been a wet winter....water water everywhere!!We have had the busiest year yet in the 6 years we have been open. We would once again like to thank all of our clients old and new for using us for another year and hope you will all be jetting off to the sun and getting away from this rain and need us to care for your... READ MORE >>

Update for Kennels - May 2012

Scrummy box of chocolates!!Wow we have been busy! We would like to thank all of our clients for choosing our kennels, we would like to welcome anyone new,we have shown so many new people around, and we look forward to looking after your dogs whilst you are away on holiday.
Its been a wet... READ MORE >>

Boarding Kennel Extra Dog Walking in Kent and Sussex

Dog WalkingWe can now offer extra dog walking if you feel your dog needs more than the usual 3 walks that he/she will already get when staying in the kennels. We have over 400acres in which we can walk your dog, all fenced so they can come off lead and burn off some of that extra... READ MORE >>